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Accessories and Options

To complement our products Ross & Bonnyman offer a comprehensive range of options and accessories, a selection of which is covered here.
Ross & Bonnyman are accredited to ISO9001:2000 and all of our products are designed according to CE Regulations.

All Round gates
Drop in gates
Hinged side gates

Folding gates

Stainless side gates rear closure

Folding side gate with ramp
Post and chains
Aluminium pop up stop

External switches                                
Internal near side switch
Dual internal switches                  
Slim internal switches                          
Foot switches                    
Electric lowering stop                           
Platform close sensor                           
Flashing lights                                      
Foot Protection                     
Light sensor                              
Pop up rear       

Fixed front ramp

Fixed ramp with pop up stop

Three way leading edge

Three way side ramp

Fixed side bump ramp


Pop up Stops

Steel pop up stop

Recessed platform stops


Platform Finish


Hot metal spray

Rubber noise reduction coating

Wood infill

Backing sheet

Harsh environment


Overhead Beam Covers

Zinc plated


Stainless Steel

Accessories Range - Accessories (PDF DOWNLOAD 622KB)

Platform Steps

Platform Steps for Easy Access to the Vehicle


Folding Platform with Pop-up Stops

Folding Platform with Pop-up Stops in the Fixed Leading Edge





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