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New Ambulance Lift

New Ambulance Lift

Pictured above is an impressive line up of ambulances all fitted with Ross & Bonnyman's new design of ambulance lift. This picture was taken prior to delivery of the first batch to the Irish Health Service Executive. Ross & Bonnyman ambulance Lifts can be tailored to specific requirements and incorporate many unique design features.


New Powered Ramp

New Powered Ramp

Ross and Bonnyman have introduced a new Powered Ramp with sealed rear closure for walk-on access. Call 01307 466262 for more information.


30 Year History

In their 30 year history Ross and Bonnyman have produced over 70,000 lifts for the commercial vehicle industry, but in early June were proud to see their most ambitious undertaking so far leaving their Orchardbank site. The company have produced a lift capable of moving 12 tonne loads for delivery to a major supermarket distribution centre. Measuring 9 metres long x 3 metres wide and weighing in at over 10 tonnes this static lifting dock is by far the biggest lift the company has ever produced.

Tail Lifts, Shutter Doors, Column Lifts, Cantilever Lifts by Ross and BonnymanThe platform can travel between the first and second floor of a double deck trailer and the floor level of a warehouse dock, greatly reducing the time taken for loading and unloading roll cages and pallets into distribution warehouses.  The lift replaces the need for a specialist trailer with a moving floor fitted within and will allow the operator to reduce the specification and number of trailers required in his fleet, offering huge cost reductions. 

Ross & Bonnyman have developed an unobtrusive retractable slam locking system for shutter doors using a single handed slam action. The new design aims to resolve the problems associated with top clearance on traditional hook locks and the obtrusiveness of the slam locks by retracting after the system is unlocked.  As the user operates the system, the lock unlocks from the door and the mechanism automatically retracts out of the way into the main body of the lock mechanism.  Full details of this concept can be viewed by going to the Shutter Doors section on panel to the left. Click here to start Animation


About Us

Ross & Bonnyman is a privately owned company based in Forfar, Scotland and is one of the UK’s market leaders in the manufacture of vehicle tail lifts and shutter doors.

Tail Lifts, Shutter Doors, Column Lifts, Cantilever Lifts by Ross and BonnymanOver the last thirty years the product range has expanded to include all types of column and cantilever tail lifts as well as personnel access products.

As the transport industry advances, a vast range of specialist products such as car lifts, double tier tail lifts, power closed shutter doors and moving floors are being supplied to a diverse customer base.

Ross & Bonnyman products can be found on commercial and passenger vehicles of varying sizes across the UK and Europe. Lifting solutions in such industries as distribution, retail, service, food and drink, rental as well as local and national government authorities are supplied.

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A National Network of Approved Agents is always accessible to offer spare parts as well as service back up facilities.

Ross & Bonnyman is accredited to ISO9001:2000 and all products are designed according to CE regulations.



Ross & Bonnyman commenced business in August 1973 at Inverurie in Aberdeenshire. In 1976 due to expanding business demands the factory transferred to a new manufacturing site at Forfar in Angus.

In 1997 Alan Honig (Managing Director) and Freddie Craig (Chairman) bought out the Company and are involved daily with the development of the business.

Over the years there have been a number of changes to the product portfolio but commercial vehicle tail lifts, yard lifts and vehicle roller shutter doors remain the main products manufactured at the three factories in Forfar today.



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